18 June 2024
Zoltan Hound of Dracula (1978)
90 min.
Directed by Albert Band.
With Michael Pataki, Jose Ferrer, Reggie Nalder, Jan Shutan, Arlene Martell, Libby Chase, John Levin.
A group of present-day Russian soldiers unearth the tomb of the Draculas and unwittingly revive the family's hound of hell.

Guided by the Dracs' undead and tireless servant (Reggie Nalder), the evil duo strike out to find the only surviving Dracula (Pataki) and claim him as their new master.

Enjoyable fun, this picks up steam with the second half.

There's some great 'dogs on rampage' sequences, including the nighttime entrapment of Drake in a woodshed as well as the showdown climax with Zoltan.

Oh, and just a helpful hint: when a dog's eyes begin to glow a luminous white, turn and walk slowly away...

Also known as Dracula's Dog.

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