18 June 2024
Witchboard (1986)
98 min.
Directed by Kevin Tenney.
With Tawny Kitaen, Todd Allen, Stephen Nichols, Kathleen Wilhoite, Burke Byrnes, Rose Marie, Claire Bristol, Gloria Hayes, J.P. Luebsen, Ryan Carroll.
Just plain dumb horror.

After fiddling around with a ouija board at a party, Linda Brewster (Kitaen) experiments with the instrument on her own...and makes contact with David, the spirit of a little 10 year-old boy who's been dead for thirty years.

Beginners luck.

Only, Linda hasn't made contact with David. Instead, she's made contact with a mass murderer who wants her to believe he's David.

Seems the vengeful spirit of the maniac killer wants to possess Linda so that he can walk the earth again.

Silly and poorly paced, this one gets way too over the top for it's own good.

Tawny Kitaen's special brand of beauty and talent was put to better use in a couple of Whitesnake music videos in the late '80s. Unfortunately, here she manages less appeal than a hood ornament.

Unless your IQ number is the running time or you're a diehard Kitaen lover, Board will undoubtedly leave you bored.

Skip it.

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