18 June 2024
Winter Kill (1974)
90 min.
Directed by Jud Taylor.
With Andy Griffith, John Larch, Tim O'Connor, Lawrence Pressman, Eugene Roche, Charles Tyner, Joyce Van Patten, Sheree North, Nick Nolte.
Above average TV horror.

A hooded sniper is murdering the citizens of Eagle Lake. And he's promising more victims!

It's up to the local town sheriff Sam McNeill (Griffith) to find out not only what connection links the various killings...but how to stop the psycho before more die.

A conventional & staid plotline is given energetic life by the stalwart cast, highlighted by the snowy locales and 'innocent town under attack' atmosphere.

Cool climax with a desperate and frightened Sheree North (love her!) isolated by the killer...will help arrive?

Director Taylor here also helmed the offbeat TV thriller Revenge (1971) starring Shelley Winters and Bradford Dillman.

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