18 June 2024
When Michael Calls (1972)
89 min.
Directed by Philip Leacock.
With Ben Gazzara, Elizabeth Ashley, Michael Douglas, Karen Pearson, Larry Reynolds, Marian Waldman, Al Waxman, Chris Pellett, Steve Weston, Robert Warner.
Poor Helen (Ashley) begins receiving phone calls from her young nephew Michael.

The problem? Michael's been dead for 15 years!

Aunt Helen knows that for a fact. Because after his mother was committed to a sanitarium - and subsequently committed suicide - Michael ran away from home and was never found. It was presumed he died of exposure.

Perhaps he didn't?

Soon, strange murders begin to occur throughout the small town.

Who could be responsible for the cruel prank calls and what connection links them to the recent murders?

Aided by her brother Craig (Douglas), Helen and her and ex-husband (Gazzara) vow to find out.

Solid performances from all involved (most notable Ashley and Douglas, not surprisingly) enhance this well constructed tele thriller.

Also known by the terrible, Cinemax-y title Shattered Silence.

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