18 June 2024
Watch Me When I Kill (1977)
95 min.
Directed by Antonio Bido.
With Corrado Pani, Paola Tedesco, Franco Citti, Fernando Cerulli, Guiseppe Addobbati, Gianfranco Bullo, Jill Pratt, Bianca Toccafondi, Inna Alexeievna, Paolo Malco, Cristina Piras, Roberto Antonelli.
Good Italian giallo clearly in the mold of Argento's Deep Red, this concerns nightclub dancer Mara (Tedesco) who witnesses a murder on her way home from work.

After the killer's attempt on her life for 'what she may know', Mara is drawn into a mysterious web of secrets, intrigue and more murders.

What can the maniac want?

And can she and her boyfriend Lukas (Pani) unmask the killer before he claims more victims, including Mara?

Some nice atmospheric camerawork, a horrible cooking incident gone terribly awry, good pacing, and a decent plotline make this giallo stand strong.

Also known as The Cat's Victims.

Italian: Il gatto dagli occhi di giada.

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