18 June 2024
Visiting Hours (1982)
105 min.
Directed by Jean Claude-Lord.
With Lee Grant, William Shatner, Linda Purl, Michael Ironside, Lenore Zann, Harvey Atkin, Helen Hughes.
A splashy Canadian hospital slasher.

Lee Grant plays an investigative TV news reporter attacked by misogynist psycho Ironside. She ends up in County General Hospital to recover, under the personal supervision of gentle nurse Purl.

But no sooner can you say 'intravenous' than poor Lee finds she's still the object of her loony's adoration.

And he's hell bent on killing everyone in sight until he reaches her!

Tense and gripping all the way, this is one of the better horror films set (mostly) in a hospital. It sure as hell beats Hospital Massacre all to heck.

As ever, Grant is wonderful here as the opinionated newswoman forced to confront her own beliefs on non-violence and self defense (see her also in 1977's The Spell not to mention 1978's oddity My Sister, My Love), while loopy Ironside makes a chilling killer.

Special mention goes to Lenore Zann as an abused, smart-mouthed hooker - a type of Nancy Allen role.

Also look fast for Neil Affleck (from the previous year's My Bloody Valentine) as a local police officer.

Also known as The Fright.

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