02 March 2024
The Psychic (1977)

89 min.
Directed by Lucio Fulci.
With Jennifer O'Neill, Marc Porel, Gabriele Ferzatti, Evelyn Stewart.
Former model Jennifer O'Neill had made quite a splash as the older woman who seduces a young man in Robert Mulligan's Summer of '42 (1971).

By the late '70s, her turbulent lifestyle had led to parts in little seen films, including this one (with all due respect to director Lucio Fulci).

The story: clairvoyant Virginia Ducci (O'Neill) experiences a 'vision' which leads her to unearth a skeleton that's been entombed within her own home.

After the police erroneously arrest her husband for the murder, it's up to Virginia to use her special mental gifts to discover the truth behind the mysterious skeleton.

But will Virginia meet the same fate as the body she found inside her wall?

More of a mystery-thriller (and quite restrained for goremeister Lucio), there are some neat twists in this modest (and surprisingly coherent) effort.

In some regards thematically reminiscent of Eyes of Laura Mars released the following year.

Also known as Murder to the Tune of Seven Black Notes.

Italian: Setto Note in Nero.

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