15 July 2024
The Possessed (1977)

75 min.
Directed by Jerry Thorpe.
With James Farentino, Joan Hackett, Claudette Nevins, Ann Dusenberry, Harrison Ford, Eugene Roche, Diana Scarwid, P. J. Soles, Dinah Manoff.
A condensed, harmless TV horror riff on William Friedkin's The Exorcist.

This takes place at the all girls Helen Page School in Salem, Massachussetts, run by a headmistress with a dark secret (played by the wonderful Hackett).

Things are mysteriously being set on fire (including some of the students!) when an uninvited priest-turned-exorcist (Farentino) appears with a mission.

A good cast, including P.J. Soles, Dinah Manoff, and Ann Dusenberry in minor roles, a terrific setting, and a brisk showdown/conclusion...make this one worth seeing.

Filmed at Reed College in Portland, Oregon.

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