02 March 2024
Murder by Natural Causes (1979)
96 min.
Directed by Robert Day.
With Hal Holbrook, Katharine Ross, Barry Bostwick, Robert Anderson, Jeff Donnell, Bill Fiore, Victoria Carroll, Phil Leeds, Judith-Marie Bergan.
There's nary a misstep in this exciting TV murder/thriller headed by a spectacular cast.

With a little help from her two different lovers, Allison Sinclair (Ross) plots the death of her famous mentalist husband Arthur (Holbrook), a demise she hopes will be exacerbated by her hubby's weakened heart condition.

That's right: she'll shock him into early cardiac arrest.

But will Allison's complicated plan be a success? Or does Arthur have something else...in mind?

Holbrook delivers a dead-on powerhouse performance from beginning to end, while Ross is perfectly ice cold as his scheming wife.

Kudos to Bostwick and Anderson in supporting roles.

Tension filled and with an exceptional open-ended conclusion!

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