26 February 2024
Moon of the Wolf (1972)
74 min.
Directed by Daniel Petrie.
With David Janssen, Barbara Rush, Bradford Dillman, John Beradino, Geoffrey Lewis, Royal Dano, John Davis Chandler, Claudia McNeil.
Okay TV lycanthrope horror.

The Louisiana town of Marsh Island is suddenly besieged by a disturbing rash of mysterious deaths, the victims found brutally gouged by some strange wild creature.

Sheriff Whitaker (Janssen) can't seem to get a lead in the headscratching case.

Could the culprit be a mad dog of some sort?...Could the eccentric Rodanthe family somehow be tied to the murders?

And lately a superstitious old local has taken to placing smelly sulphur around his house...murmuring 'werewolf' in French.

Could it be?

Lowkey and fairly typical, this sleepy wolf pic would have benefitted from a bit more action.

Still, leads Janssen and Rush maintain a cool old school charm that's pleasing to watch, and the hot bayou atmosphere proves effective.

The delightful denouement is oh-so-classic-Universal replete with fangs, hair and burning barns.

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