24 February 2024
Mark of the Devil (1970)
96 min.
Directed by Michael Armstrong & Adrian Hoven.
With Udo Kier, Herbert Lom, Gaby Fuchs, Reggie Nalder, Herbert Fux, Olivera Vuco, Adrian Hoven.
A gory exploitation fave that doesn't disappoint.

Aided by assistant Kier, Inquisition master Cumberland (played expertly by screen vet Lom) arrives in a small Austrian village with his mind intent on a wee bit of witchhunting...and scads of bloody torture!

Will he execute buxom babe Vuco, or refined lovely Fuchs?

How much red stuff will be spilt in the name of religious cleansing?

This grisly German horror lives up to its reputation: chock to the brim with tongue rippings, ass nailings (don't ask), pin stabbings, feet branding, stake burnings and the like.

And surprisingly it's all a lot of fun, as it successfully manages a musty '18th century grindhouse flavor.'

Leads Udo Kier and Olivera Vuco are pleasing to watch, but it's really Lom who steals the show as the evil incarnate witchfinder.

Well directed by Armstrong (and Adrian Hoven) and boasting an overly pretty score, this is worth the time.

Aka Burn, Witch, Burn.

Followed by a 1972 sequel: Mark of the Devil 2.

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