15 July 2024
Macabro (1980)
90 min.
Directed by Lamberto Bava.
With Bernice Stegers, Stanko Molnar, Roberto Posse, Veronica Zinny, Ferdinando Orlandi, Fernando Pammullo, Elisa Kadigia Bone.
A promising directoral debut for Lamberto Bava - son of famed director Mario - and certainly one of his finest hours to date.

Unfulfilled in her marriage, Jane (Stegers) carries on an extramarital affair with Fred.

The two lovers meet secretly for their private affairs, an arrangement which seems to be going well.

But when Fred dies in a bloody car accident, Jane finds she can't carry on.

She needs her man back....Or at least his head, which she keeps tucked away neatly in a refrigerator!

A now psychotic Jane resumes her lovemaking with Fred (to be precise, she mounts what's left of his severed gourd). And woe be to any who try to stop her!

Kudos to Stegers who is entirely watchable in this offbeat horror effort, and delivers the goods in a performance alternately nuanced and outrageous.

The bizarre premise is executed with a surprisingly low key simplicity, an approach which serves to heighten the unspeakable horrors of Jane's mind.

Not a pretty sight, think of this as Ed Gein meets Tennessee Williams.

Also known as Frozen Terror.

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