15 July 2024
Kiss of the Tarantula (1976)
85 min.
Directed by Chris Munger.
With Suzanne Ling, Eric Mason, Herman Wallner, Patricia Landon, Beverly Eddins, Jay Scott Neal, Rita French.
Mortician's daughter Susan Bradley (the slightly offbeat Ling) has an unusual connection with her kept tarantulas.

So when she discovers that her bitchy stepmother is out to kill her father, Susan calls upon her obedient "pets" to exact revenge!

But the fun doesn't stop there!

With her evil stepmomma six feet under (after a fatal heart attack inspired by the careful placement of one of the titular creatures in mom's bed), Susan is now free to send her eight-legged minions on missions to pay back those high school dorks who upset and tormented her the most.

This low budgeter is competently shot and maintains a nice drive-in atmosphere throughout. Ling has a unique, offkilter appeal that lends Kiss a bit of watchability, but ultimately this is best seen as a late nite popcorn sleeperfest.

Also known as Shudder.

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