21 June 2024
The Kindred (1986)
90 min.
Directed by Jeffrey Obrow.
With Rod Steiger, Kim Hunter, David Allen Brooks, Talia Balsam, Amanda Pays, Timothy Gibbs, Peter Frenchette, Julia Montgomery.
From the director of 1981's rough-edged college slasher The Dorm that Dripped Blood comes this generally well done FX-laced monster horror.

The last message dying geneticist Hunter gives is for her son John (Brooks) to destroy all traces of her existing lab experiments...and also to inform him that he has a brother.

But when Brooks and gal pal Pays nose around Hunter's house, they find a menacing fish-like mutant creature. Could this be...John's...brother?!?

What other travesties will occur in the name of 'science'?

The genial cast, a brooding atmosphere and some impressive makeup effects ensure that this undermentioned creature feature is well worth seeking out.

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