27 May 2024
Killing Birds (1987)
91 min.
Directed by Claudio Lattanzi and Joe D'Amato.
With Robert Vaughn, Leslie Cumming, Lin Gathright, James Villemaire, Lara Wendel.
Fair zombie effort.

A group of Louisiana college students set out to gather information on a near extinct species of bird.

Inadvertently, they stumble upon a dilapidated old house where years prior a Vietnam vet (Vaughn) brutally murdered his adulterous wife and parents.

Soon, the unavenged dead rise to slaughter the trespassers in grisly fashion.

Hampered somewhat by some underwhelming acting (even Wendel from Tenebre delivers an occasionally lackluster performance).

But it benefits from some quite admirable gore deaths, including a homage to the attic head-scrunching scene from co-director D'Amato's own Antropophagus (1980).

Picks up some nice speed in the final third as the death toll rises quickly.

Lesson of the day: never wear long-hanging necklaces near open running mechanical equipment.

Also known either as Zombie 5 or as Raptors.

Italian: uccelli assassini.

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