15 July 2024
Killing at Hell's Gate (1981)
94 min.
Directed by Jerry Jameson.
With Robert Urich, Deborah Raffin, Lee Purcell, Paul Burke, Joel Higgins, George DiCenzo, Mitch Carter, Brion James.
Watchable Deliverance-style TV thriller.

As part of a planned political ploy, hometown white water rafters Urich and Raffin escort a Congressman (Burke) and his aide (Purcell) down the lively Rogue River in Oregon.

But things get deadly when a trio of disgruntled lumberjacks decide to make the politician pay for his pro-environmental legislation (and loss of their jobs).

Soon, the city slickers are running for their lives...will they make it out of the wild woods in one piece?

The beautiful OR scenery is the real star of Killing, from the untamed water shots to the breathtaking vistas from above.

Urich and Raffin are pleasing as the sweetheart leads, but a nice pace takes too long to develop here and only picks up steam near the final quarter hour. Still, worth a watch.

Best scene: Urich attempts to cross a treacherous foot bridge...which the ruthless hicks have sabotaged well in advance.

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