15 July 2024
Killdozer (1974)
74 min.
Directed by Jerry London.
With Clint Walker, Robert Urich, Carl Betz, Neville Brand, James Wainwright, James Watson, Jr.
Sheesh! Talk about the woes of heavy industrialized machinery!

On a secluded island deep in the Pacific, a strange meteorite crash lands near the latest site of operations for the commercial building company Warburton Construction.

When crew leader Lloyd Kelly (Walker) attempts to use a CAT D9 to plow through the odd rock from outah space, a glowing blue light seems to transfer from the meteor to the bulldozer.

Soon, the D9 begins operating all on its own...and killing the Warburton workers one by one!

Can the superpowerful, now supernatural bulldozer be stopped before it kills again...and again?

A crazy concept is treated seriously in this rare TV horror, which actually comes off fairly well thanks to its straightforward, sci fi approach.

Stoic Walker (also in 1977's Snowbeast) is good here as Warburton's disbelieving chief; the rest of the cast (including a young Urich as the dozer's first victim) does an admirable job.

Best scene: the kinda cool battle scene between the supernaturally-charged killdozer and the human-operated shovel lifter.

Guess who wins.

As far as "killer bulldozer" movies go, this is one of the better ones.

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