18 June 2024
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
117 min.
Directed by Philip Kaufman.
With Donald Sutherland, Brooke Adams, Leonard Nimoy, Jeff Goldblum, Veronica Cartwright, Art Hindle, Lelia Goldoni, Kevin McCarthy, Don Siegel, Robert Duvall.
In many ways, the 1970s was a perfect decade in which to remake Don Siegel's 1956 sci fi horror classic.

The 1970s created the 'Me' generation - a bunch of hyper-paranoid, oversensitive, self-absorbed types. And they would prove to be excellent fodder for those rabid, soul-sucking spores from outer space!

The story remains pretty much the same here. Extraterrestrial plant pods are taking over human life forms, creating an emotionless, functional duplicate and then destroying the original.

Matthew Bennell (Sutherland) and his girlfriend Elizabeth (Adams) team up to uncover the truth behind this mass alien cloning.

But can their own humanity survive long enough to really see the light?

The entire cast is in top form here, a truly remarkable ensemble group. Sutherland and Adams are simply spellbinding as the couple on-the-run from the powerful pod majority. Goldblum and Cartwright provide terrific support. And Nimoy delivers a chilling performance.

Director Kaufman establishes a palpable atmosphere of paranoia throughout, maximizing the urban San Francisco setting to delirious effect.

Said setting features one of our favorite scenes: the standout 'That's not my wife!' moment in a steamy Chinese laundromat.

One of the rare examples of a remake equalling the power of the original, this 1978 outing matches it's 1956 predecessor on nearly every level.

Watch out for that ear splitting, memorable finale!

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