21 July 2024
The Invasion of Carol Enders (1973)
70 min.
Directed by Burt Brinckerhoff.
With Meredith Baxter, Christopher Connelly, Charles Aidman, John Karlen, George Di Cenzo, Sally Kemp, Patricia Hindy, Cris Nelson.
Genre regular Dan Curtis produced this contrived but watchable TV possession thriller.

Suffering a terrible blow to the head, Carol Enders (Baxter) is hospitalized with a severe concussion.

Totally unrelated, at the same time wealthy sophisticate Diana Bernard (Kemp) is fatally killed in a suspicious auto accident.

When Carol awakens at the hospital, she believes she's actually become Diana Bernard...and she's bound and determined to uncover the identity of her own murderer!

But will anyone actually believe her? Is 'Carol' gone forever?

An intriguing premise is given admirable life here by its intelligent cast of pros (especially Connelly and Baxter), but occasionally this videotaped endeavor sags under the pressure of its own weight.

Still, this proves to be of moderate merit and worth seeking out for fans of '70s tele terrors.

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