01 December 2023
Innocent Prey (1983)
90 min.
Directed by Colin Eggleston.
With P.J. Soles, Kit Taylor, Grigor Taylor, Martin Balsam, John Warnock, Susan Stenmark, Richard Morgan.
This Australian thriller features Soles as a distraught wife who finds her husband guilty not only of adultery, but also of savage murder!

After she puts him behind bars, the poor woman flees to the land down under, but soon discovers her psycho hubby has managed to find her and is out to kill her...

Or is he?

Conventional suspense vehicle works at first (the hooker slashing in the shower is notably well done), but begins to sag under its own weight in the final third and is ultimately undone by a frazzled storyline.

Still, Soles is delightful to watch throughout, and is especially a believable trooper at the climax.

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