21 June 2024
I'm the Girl He Wants to Kill (1974)
71 min.
Directed by Shaun O'Riordan.
With Julie Sommars, Robert Lang, Anthony Steel, Tony Selby, Ken Jones, Geoffrey Whitehead, Susan Tracy, Colin Haigh.
A superior episode from the original Brian Clemens-ITC television series Thriller. And a paradigm of stalk n suspense.

A slashing psycho has been claiming the lives of young women across the city.

When hardworking office bee Ann Rogers (Sommars) inadvertently lays her eyes upon the maniac's face, she realizes she's escaped with her life...but gained the killer's wrath!

One late night, Ann finds herself alone with the nut in her deserted office building. Trapped.

Can she outwit the murderer and avoid his knife?

This top of the line slasher-like episode from the Thriller television series knows exactly what it wants to be at all times: an intelligent cat & mouse game of elevator play and darkened hiding places.

And it succeeds, thanks to a frenzied second half dependent wholly on Sommar's believable - and very smart - performance as the beleaguered Ann.

Great from start to finish. Best scene(s): Ann's fast thinking elevator switcheroo trick, and her frantic call to the police.

A must see.

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