02 March 2024
Humanoids from the Deep (1980)
80 min.
Directed by Barbara Peters.
With Doug McClure, Ann Turkel, Vic Morrow, Cindy Weintraub, Anthony Penya, Denise Galik, Lynn Theel, Meegan King.
A fun, unique monster-cum-slasher entry.

Produced by Roger Corman, this has an aberrant species of half-man, half-fish amphibians attacking the local salmon fishing village of Noyo, killing the male townspeople and raping the women.

Seems the scary humanoids from the deep need women in order to procreate, and land women appear to be in abundance!

Can the small town band together, overcome their differences, and fight off the fishy hoard of monsters?

Good makeup and gore FX (from effects guru Rob Bottin, who would go on to do the nausea-inducing work on John Carpenter's The Thing) enhance this old school 1950s creature pic vibe, game performances all around.

The shock climax is well-suited to the action. Overall, a Creature from the Black Lagoon for the '80s.

Also known as Beneath the Darkness.

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