26 February 2024
Hide and Go Shriek (1987)
90 min.
Directed by Skip Schoolnik.
With George Thomas, Donna Baltron, Scott Fults, Brittain Frye, Sean Kanan, Scott Kubay, Bunky Jones, Annette Sinclair, Ria Pavia.
Late '80s slasher is better than you might think. It's certainly better than it has a right to be.

A group of randy teenagers celebrate their graduation from high school by sneaking into an expansive furniture store for an all nighter filled with sex, games and partying.

But what they don't count on is a homicidal killer lurking in the shadows who begins picking them off one by one...Could the psycho be a creepy ex-con who works at the joint?

The no frills, you've-seen-it-all-before premise proves itself pretty functional here. The cast is generally likeable and the acting is surprisingly decent.

Loses half a star for not having a fuller body count (there's far too many folks left standing by the silly climax) and the maniac's motivation is oh-so-weak.

However, deserves kudos for playing it straight and not trying to reinvent the wheel.

Still, we woulda given anything to see obnoxious Jones bite the dust...

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