15 July 2024
The Great Alligator (1979)
90 min.
Directed by Sergio Martino.
With Barbara Bach, Mel Ferrer, Claudio Cassinelli, Romano Puppo, Fabrizia Castagnoli, Enzo Fisichella.
From the same year as his fishy Screamers comes this guilty pleasure creature horror from director Sergio Martino.

Resort head Ferrer and hotel manager Bach are putting the finishing touches on the Paradise House, an idyllic tourist getaway set smack dab amidst primitive natives, fertile jungles, lush greenways...and a HUGE man eating alligator with a hankerin' for soft visitor flesh!

Will lovely Bach and her photographer beau Cassinelli make it out in one piece?

Unevenly paced and too uneventful for its own good, Alligator isn't necessarily Martino's strongest bite.

Still...does manage a ditzy kind of fun, especially as it kicks into high riot mode in the final third via an outrageous raft dance/massacre scene (the big ally chomps several dozen legs, arms and heads) and a mildly suspenseful climax below the depths.

Also known as Big Alligator River.

Italian: Il Fiume del grande caimano.

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