15 July 2024
Grapes of Death (1978)
90 min.
Directed by Jean Rollin.
With Marie-Georges Pascal, Félix Marten, Serge Marquand, Mirella Rancelot, Patrice Valota, Patricia Cartier, Brigette Lahaye, Jean-Pierre Bouyxou.
Excellent French zombie effort from genre director Jean Rollin.

On a train to meet her fiance, Elizabeth soon discovers that something strange has happened to the rural countryside...a plague has turned the populace into living, decaying corpses with only murder on their minds.

An interesting Euro variation on the living dead genre, Rollin imbues his creatures with an awareness of their own horrifying condition...tthat is to say the zombies are full of poignant grief at the plague that drives them to bloody murder. But they just can't stop themselves.

The beheading of blind Lucy is a great standout scene, as is the wonderfully downbeat ending.

A must see.

Also known as Pesticide and also Raisins of Death.

French title: Les Raisins de la Mort.

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