15 July 2024
Ghostkeeper (1981)
87 min.
Directed by James Makichuk.
With Riva Spier, Murray Ord, Georgie Collins, Sheri McFadden, Les Kimber, Bill Grove, John MacMillan.
This creepy Canadian gem is undermentioned, and well worth seeking out.

While snowmobiling high in the mountains, three vacationing young people - Marty (Ord), Jenny (Spier) and Chrissy (McFadden) - find themselves snowed in at a remote hotel called The Deer Lodge.

At first, the place appears to be abandoned. But soon, they discover a strange old woman who lives at the Lodge, along with her quiet, brooding son.

Even worse, there's some sort of mutant cannibal monster living in an icehouse adjacent to the Lodge. Seems the woman and her son keep the creature alive by killing wayward visitors, and feeding their fresh flesh to the unholy thing.

Can Marty, Jenny and Chrissy escape from this snowbound hell before one of them becomes dinner for the Thing that lives in the icehouse? Or will one of them end up as the new ghostkeeper?

With shades of The Sentinel and Kubrick's The Shining, this low budget Canadian flick manages a decent atmosphere of claustrophobia, thanks to some great snowfilled landscapes and a pervasive mood of isolation.

Perfectly punctuated by an ambient score from Paul Zaza who composed for both Curtains (1983) and American Nightmare (1983).

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