21 June 2024
Burial Ground (1981)
85 min.
Directed by Andrea Bianchi.
With Karin Well, Gianluigi Chirizzi, Simone Mattioli, Antonella Antinori, Roberto Caporali, Claudio Zucchet, Peter Bark, Anna Valente, Raimondo Barbieri, Mariangela Giordano.
Italian zombie flick with more than its fair share of good times.

When a scientist unearths the tombs of the dead, walking stiffs rise en masse to plague the visitors of a nearby estate.

What does each side have going for it? Let's see...the living have poor organization, misplanning, bad timing, but lots of running around screaming. The zombies have teamwork, ingenuity, and loads of patience.

Highlights include a homemade masectomy, and the zombies' one-two punch on the household maid. And Peter Bark wins the award for creepiest-looking child this side of the Tiber River.

Yeehaw! Bring it on, Italia.

Also known as Night of Terror and Zombie Horror. Italian: Le Notti del Terrore.

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