15 July 2024
The Boogens (1981)
95 min.
Directed by James L. Conway.
With Fred McCarren, Rebecca Balding, Anne-Marie Martin [Eddie Benton], Jeff Harlan, John Crawford, Med Flory, Jon Lormer, Scott Wilkinson.
Excellent undermentioned monster/slasher.

During some exploratory excavation, a group of modern day miners unknowingly unearth a long-trapped pack of powerful killer creatures known as 'boogens.'

Soon, the nearby town of Silver City (Colorado, but actually filmed in snowy Utah) finds the nasty beasties have descended upon the local residents...including the miners' pretty girlfriends Balding (Silent Scream) and Martin (aka bitchy Benton from Prom Night).

This unsung little gem is total fun thanks to game performances from its two female leads and the genuinely claustrophobic mine setting. The title baddies are well served by not being seen until the showdown climax, so they never lose their bite throughout.

Best scene: Martin, fresh from the shower, plays some one-on-one with a boogens...and loses. Worth seeking out.

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