15 July 2024
The Bees (1978)
86 min.
Directed by Alfredo Zacharias.
With John Saxon, Angel Tompkins, John Carradine, Claudio Brook, Alicia Encinias.
When is a really bad horror film a total hoot? When you've got John Carradine running around with a German accent, dialogue like "why did they have to let out the killer bees?" and said creatures being transported in a woman's cosmetics case. Did we mention the hammy overacting, a side splitting attack on a Rose Bowl parade, and a solution to save the world by changing the bees' sexual persuasion (don't ask, don't tell)?

The story is relatively simple. Seems huge swarms of South American killer bees have been smuggled into North America by corporate entities. A team of scientists try to deal with the problem head on, but as the bees mutate and multiply, they find the task just too darn daunting.

Even the laughs can't distract from the fact that this poor product could have had so much more...sting.

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