28 January 2023
Axe (1977)
66 min.
Directed by Frederick Friedel.
With Leslie Lee, Jack Canon, Ray Green, Frederick Friedel, Carol Miller, Douglas Powers, Frank Jones.
Uncluttered drive in horror with a dank atmosphere.

After committing a brutal double murder, three hardened criminals find themselves on the run from the law and end up at the rural country home of young Lisa (Lee) and her immobile grandfather.

But little do the thugs know that quiet, brooding Lisa is handy with axes and straight razors...and she can fend off any unwanted intruders. The simple narrative is decently executed, thanks in part to Lee's vacant eyed performance as Lisa and a few enthusiastic moments of hatchet work.

Best scene: Lisa's razor retribution on her rapist.

Also known either as The California Axe Massacre or as Lisa, Lisa.

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