28 January 2023
Audrey Rose (1977)
113 min.
Directed by Robert Wise.
With Marsha Mason, John Beck, Anthony Hopkins, Susan Swift, Norman Lloyd, John Hillerman, Robert Walden, Philip Sterling.
Interesting premise...a married couple (played by Marsha Mason and John Beck) discover their daughter Ivy is the reincarnation of a young girl named Audrey Rose who was killed in a car accident.

However, the girl's soul is not at rest, so the father of the dead girl intervenes.

Despite some good scenes and a terrific performance by the always wonderful Mason, the film grows increasingly implausible.

After undergoing hypnosis, Ivy converts to her former life with tragic results. Anthony Hopkins as Audrey's father is an annoyance and not terribly sympathetic.

Seems even the legendary director Robert Wise (1963's The Haunting) couldn't use his magic to save this dud.

Moreover, the ending is a downright catastrophe and ruins the rest of the movie. It's preachy and manipulative beyond belief and will have you yelling at your TV screen!

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