18 June 2024
Alice Sweet Alice Alfred Sole 1977
Bay of Blood Mario Bava 1971
Black Christmas Bob Clark 1974
Blood & Black Lace Mario Bava 1964
Blood & Lace Philip S. Gilbert 1971
The Burning Tony Maylam 1981
Curtains Richard Ciupka 1983
The Dorm that Dripped Blood Jeffrey Obrow & Stephen Carpenter 1981
Dressed to Kill Brian De Palma 1980
Eyes of Laura Mars Irvin Kerschner 1978
The Fan Edward Bianchi 1981
Final Exam Jimmy Huston 1981
The Final Terror Andrew Davis 1981
Friday the 13th Sean Cunningham 1980
Friday the 13th Part 2 Steve Miner 1981
Friday the 13th Part 3 Steve Miner 1982
Funeral Home William Fruet 1980
The Funhouse Tobe Hooper 1981
Ghostkeeper Jim Makichuk 1981
Girls Nite Out Robert Deubel 1983
Halloween John Carpenter 1978
Happy Birthday to Me J. Lee Thompson 1981
Hell Night Tom DeSimone 1981
Home for the Holidays John Llewellyn Moxey 1972
The House on Sorority Row Mark Rosman 1982
The Initiation Larry Stewart 1984
Just Before Dawn Jeff Lieberman 1980
Madman Joe Giannone 1982
Massacre at Central High Renee Daalder 1976
My Bloody Valentine George Mihalka 1981
Night School Kenneth Hughes 1981
Night Warning William Asher 1982
The Prey Edwin Brown 1980
Prom Night Paul Lynch 1980
The Prowler Joseph Zito 1981
PSYCHO Alfred Hitchcock 1960
Silent Night, Deadly Night Charles Sellier 1984
Silent Scream Denny Harris 1980
Sleepaway Camp Robert Hiltzik 1983
Tenebre Dario Argento 1982
Terror Train Roger Spottiswoode 1980
Tourist Trap David Schmoeller 1979
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