24 February 2024
The People Across the Lake (1988)
96 min.
Directed by Arthur Allan Seidelman.
With Valerie Harper, Gerald McRaney, Barry Corbin, Tammy Lauren, Daryl Anderson, Jeff Kaiser, Gary Bisig, Gregory Togel.
A good premise - but a haphazard execution - is what you'll find in this middling Made-for-TV movie.

When a family moves to the small town of Tomahawk Lake to get away from the big city, they soon get more than they bargained for as bodies start turning up on their property.

The killer is close by and could be any one of the questionable locals, but who is the psycho and what's the motive for their bloody rampage?

Reliable Valerie Harper shows gusto as the mom, and there are a few decent suspense scenes (among them the popout of a dead body in the kitchen cupboard).

But a weak third of the film spends entirely too much time on the killer(s), an unfortunate choice since psychoses is never as interesting or intriguing as screenwriters may think.

Best scene: Harper's discovery of an array of mummified corpses...in her own basement.

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