28 November 2023
The Nesting (1981)
103 min.
Directed by Armand Weston.
With Robin Groves, Christopher Loomis, Michael David Lally, John Carradine, Gloria Grahame, Bill Rowley, David Tabor, Patrick Farrelly, Bobo Lewis, June Berry, Ann Varley, Cecile Lieman.
A dull, uneventful horror.

Agoraphobic writer Lauren Cochran (Robin Groves) rents a Victorian mansion in upstate NY in order to settle down, relax and focus on her work.

However, turns out the odd-looking place was a brothel long ago...and is now haunted by a gang of prostitutes who were murdered there.

As Lauren begins to experience strange, supernatural phenomena, she wonders if it was the best idea she had, coming to the country and leasing this otherworldly place...

This lackluster haunted house venture boasts the last screen appearance of classic film noir vet Gloria Grahame (always good to see her!) and Groves admittedly tries her best.

But in the end analysis, not much happens in The Nesting and it doesn't fulfill the promise it's intriguing premise would indicate.

Also known as Massacre Mansion.

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